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"SOLAS was recommended to me by a physiotherapist as a way of introducing me to Strength & Conditioning. I'd been running for a number of years, always concentrating on getting faster and never on getting stronger. As a result I suffered from a lot of back pain.

By the end of my first session at SOLAS, Cathal was able to pinpoint what areas I needed to work on and put together a plan to strengthen those areas.

By the end of my fourth session I could already see improvements and more importantly my back pain was gone.

There is always a fun and welcoming atmosphere with the emphasis always on quality of technique. Thanks to SOLAS I am pain free and the strongest I have ever been, they've given me the tools I need to run more efficiently and the confidence to work out in any gym.


"Have been going to SOLAS for couple of months now and can only say these guys really know their stuff. Had a back injury and they helped me recover from it.

Now pain free.

Now they are working on my poor posture and it really helps. Always seem to keep up-to-date with new methods. Attention to detail is extremely high"   John

"I've been training at SOLAS nearly 3 years now. When I met Cathal I had major movement challenges and was prone to back injuries with long recovery times. My strength was minimal too on top of this!! It's amazing what SOLAS has helped me achieve. I'm lots more nimble and stronger which means I'm largely back pain free and recover times are no longer a major event (thankfully 😎). Even after 3 years I'm still learning new techniques and progressing as Cathal keeps updating his programs and this keeps the sessions challenging and interesting. The take home exercises are workable and have a positive impact for my life." Derek


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