• Classes of between 4-10 people

  • Multi-joint, full body, free-weight exercises like squats, deadlift, bench press and rows

  • Using equipment like barbells, med balls, kettle-bells and dumbbells

  • A well balanced full body approach will yield excellent results for postural & body composition improvements as well as general health and wellness


YOGA: Strength & Stretch

  •  Tuesdays at 6pm

  • It consists of a recovery based full body approach which will promote relaxation & lengthening of tight/overused muscles.

  • improvements in mobility and strength as well as mental well-being.

  • The more gentle recovery based nature of the Yoga will compliment our other more high intensity weight training & circuit style classes nicely

  • Can be done as a stand alone class with a Pay As You Go option (€15)


  • Classes of between 5-12 people

  • Circuit style, medium/high intensity interval session with short to medium recovery periods.

  • Simplistic Exercises to accommodate the high volume and working safely in a fatigued state.

  • Large variety of exercises & movement patterns in specific orders 

  • Focus is on creating a big metabolic demand and burning lots of calories

  • Improving aerobic & anaerobic capacity and using cardiovascular demanding exercises.


  • Lower intensity aerobic based circuit with a focus on developing mobility and good quality movement patterns.

  • We try to kill two birds with one stone in this session getting in a continuos aerobic effort for 30-50 minutes as well as improving mobility levels and strength levels

  • Not a high intensity sweat session like the MetCon circuit but equally important nonetheless!


  • Resistance Training Class for the older adult

  • Benefits include increasing bone density to combat osteoporosis

  • Improving muscular strength/coordination to fight against sarcopenia (muscle wastage) and preventable falls,

  • Helping to prevent chronic illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis and type 2 diabetes


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