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Beginners 5 week Resistance Training Course: €40


  • 60 minute, small group (3-10 people) beginners course

  • Introduction to the basic movement patterns & primary exercises involved in free weight resistance training.

  • Starting with body-weight and medicine ball exercises and progressing at the persons own pace

  • Suitable for the complete beginner or those with limited experience in the gym.


5 Week Course: €40 


  • Fun, High intensity 60min class

  • Conditioning through boxing, using pads and gloves

  • Suitable for all levels

  • All equipment will be provided. No previous boxing experince needed.

BUMP2PUMP: Post-natal recovery

This is a new 10 week course, a collaboration between a Holistic Core Restore®️ Coach and SOLAS Health & Fitness

Part 1:

  • Focus is on Postnatal recovery & healing

  • Learn how to perform pelvic floor exercises the correct way

  • Learn the connection between breath and core restoration

  • Self-care techniques to speed up your recovery safely

  • Help and tips on nutrition

  • Gentle exercises performed with resistance bands & pilates balls

  • By the end of the 6 weeks you'll be ready to move on to the next level and exercise safely and mindfully.

Part 2:

  • This part of the course will be led by a SOLAS Health & Fitness Coach

  • Gentle reintroduction to the basics of resistance training including; squatting, lunging and hip-hinging patterns, pushes, pulls and some appropriate trunk work

  • Mobility/soft tissue work (foam rolling )

Please Note:
To be able to take part in the course, you must fill out our pre-screening form online and also need to be assessed personally by Terezia. (Especially for C-section scar healing and Diastasis Recti).

This course is suitable for anyone over 6 weeks postpartum with a vaginal birth or 12 weeks with C-section
Babies are welcome !

For More Information please contact Terezia on 0851478743 or